Venture capital

Ott Properties invests into companies in their early stages that have high growth potential and international ambitions. We take an active role and utilize the proven experience of seasoned entrepreneurs Jean-Francois Ott and Nicolas Tommasini along with the support of our international team to provide entrepreneurs with the investment and right environment they need for their creations to flourish.

Ott Properties applies a collaborative and transparent approach to working with teams, we are dedicated to helping ideas grow quickly, obtaining market feedback and helping entrepreneurs to grow new market disruptive products and concepts.


Launched in 2010, the Citycare defibrillator is the most leading-edge and most effective on the market today. Already deployed in 40 countries around the world, and recently elected "Best in Class" in England. Can be used by non-medical persons, its emits crystal-clear vocal messages, you don't need to take any decisions, just follow the instructions, it's the Citycare AED that decides.

My Mini Factory is the world's largest curated 3D object download platform. It is a thriving community which gives its users free access to thousands of 3D printable files created by talented 3D designers from around the world. MyMiniFactory was launched in June 2013.

What sets MyMiniFactory apart from other 3D file platforms is that each and every object is curated and test printed by an internal team, meaning that every object is guaranteed 3D printable, saving you valuable time and materials.


SafeTic is a leading supplier of security systems in the Czech market. We provide installation services and a supply of state of the art security systems including but not limited to CCTV, biometric systems and alarms.

“ Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. ” - Warren Buffett