Private Equity

Ott properties is a strategic investor, investing in later stage companies as financial investments. We have a wealth of experience across a number of different segments and we look use these strengths to drive growth in our portfolio companies and our financial investments. We are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities to supplement our existing portfolio. In this sector Ott properties looks to find innovative ideas across a range of different business sectors.

GNM Healthcare

GNM Healthcare provides a service in delivering solutions to physicians to help keep them engaged and to capitalize on customer loyalty through developing strategies and improving communications using the latest technologies.


MDI is works to design, develop and create clean, ergonomic and affordable vehicles and power generators. Taking into consideration only the essential and needful features, MDI has formulated an overall philosophy based on technological innovations which have direct impact on global environment. Consequently, MDI has succeeded in developing cutting edge technologies that promote pollution free environment and are inexpensive to manufacture


Maternov is a medical company that provides health suppliments and advice for preganant women. With over 100 points of sale mainly based in Northern France Maternov is a market leader.

I Clinique

I Clinique provides technical platforms covering a wide range of different segments in the medical field. I Clinique helps both public and private clinics ensure they provide their clients with the most efficiant and optimum service available with modern technology.


The new generation of alarm clock. Say goodbye to your old alarm clock. Say hello to SleepCompanion ™. SleepCompanion ™ is the only LED light bulb connected and dedicated to improving your sleep. SleepCompanion ™ syncs with your natural body rhythm and produces light which your body needs the right time. The mobile SleepCompanion ™ application (iOS and Android) collects your data night after night sleep and offers tips to improve your well-being and quality of your sleep.

Consulting services/Capital raising

Access to capital and lack of direction can be a real hurdle for young and for growing business. Ott properties can help you find the direction that you are looking for and can also provide capital injections and access to investment. We have extensive experience and network and can assist with a number of different options including:

  • Equity Products
  • Debt financing: Structuring, Mezzanine, alternative
  • Securitization
  • Corporate Lending
  • Convertible Securities
  • Loan Syndications
  • IPO’s

“ Predicting rain doesn't count. Building arks does. ” - Warren Buffett